About Us

The WQA was established by the State Legislature (SB1679) on February 11, 1993 to develop, finance and implement groundwater treatment programs in the San Gabriel Basin. The WQA is under the direction and leadership of a 7-member board. The board is comprised of one member from each of the overlying municipal water districts, one from a city with prescriptive water pumping rights and one from a city without prescriptive water pumping rights, and two members representing water producers in the San Gabriel Basin.

WQA’s Mission & Goals

Our Mission is to coordinate, plan, and implement groundwater qualitymanagement programs to efficiently remediate groundwater contamination and assist in preventing future contamination.

  • Accelerate Removal of Containment Mass in the Basin
  • Prevent Migration of Containment into the Critical Groundwater Supplies
  • Integrate Cleanup with Water Supply
  • Minimize Economic Impact to the Public


The WQA is empowered by the State of California to protect and promote the beneficial use of groundwater supplies in the San Gabriel Valley.

The WQA was created by the State to address the problem of groundwater contamination in the San Gabriel Valley, in part by coordinating the plans and activities of state and federal agencies and others involved in the cleanup.

The WQA is empowered by the State to address the problem of the migration of contaminated groundwater within the San Gabriel Basin and, in particular, the migration of contaminated water through the Whittier Narrows into the Central Basin.

Since the WQA’s inception in 1993, its sponsored projects have been responsible for removing nearly 45 tons of contaminants from the San Gabriel Valley groundwater basin

WQA projects have been responsible for removing more than 50 percent of the total contaminants removed from the basin since the contamination was discovered in 1979.

The WQA currently operates the only shallow zone 1,4-Dioxane groundwater cleanup projects in the San Gabriel Valley that are actively preventing contamination from reaching deeper zone production wells.

WQA assessments to accomplish cleanup of the San Gabriel Basin have averaged $7.25 per household per year.

Local, State and Federal Water Agencies

Main San Gabriel Basin Watermaster

Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District

Three Valleys Municipal Water District

San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District

Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board

State Water Resources Control Board

United States EPA Region 9