WQA FFPA Application Period No. 9

WQA Letterhead Only

September 18, 2014

To:              Interested Parties and Applicants

Subject:    Application Period No. IX Ending October 17, 2014
                    San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Authority
                    Federal Funding Program Administration (“FFPA”)


This is to notify you that the San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Authority (“WQA”) is soliciting applications for the reallocation of existing federal funding. WQA will accept applications beginning Thursday, September 18, 2014 and ending on Friday, October 17, 2014. Staff has estimated that up to $5,900,000 is available from the Restoration Fund and up to $510,000 from Title XVI for allocation during this process.

For Application Period No. IX, WQA will accept and consider new applications, and in addition, will re-consider applications already submitted during all previous application processes. New applications must include a letter identifying project specific information, including a cost estimate and schedule. In addition, please identify how the project(s) meets the requirements and how it addresses each of the criteria questions contained in the enclosed Federal Funding Program Administration (“FFPA”).

All of the applications received during the previous application periods will be automatically carried over into this period. If you have already submitted an application, you are not required to submit another application. We will utilize the ranking score you received during the previous period to make recommendations for distributing the current allotment of funds. However, if there is any updated information relative to your previous project application that could change your ranking score, please provide the supplemental information during this application period. The supplemental information should include a cover sheet summarizing the new information and why it should be considered as relevant information to the original application. Staff will then combine the original application with the supplemental information and re-rank the revised application in its entirety.

Please review the FFPA in its entirety as requirements may have been changed or clarified.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Randy Schoellerman or myself at 626-338-5555.


Kenneth R. Manning
Executive Director

Enclosure: FFPA Round IX